healthy skin

Healthy Skin

1. Drink water even when youre not thirsty
Thirst is not the first sign of dehydration, but it is a good way of knowing youre not getting enough to drink.
2. Dont over wash your face
Point blank, once a day should be good enough.
3. Exercise
Sweating helps your skin, and the strength you feel internally will start to show on your face. Make sure to wash after you exercise, even if it means wiping your face with a warm water in a wash cloth without any cleanser.
4. Stop using concealer
When you wash all that make-up off your face, youre also washing away all of your skins defenses from bacteria that can clog your pores.
5. Sun flower oil
Look for sunflower seed oil in lotions for your body.
6. Keep your pillowcase clean and put your hair back at night
Your hair and pillow case can spread grease to your face. Wash your pillow case every 9 days and keep your hair clean.
7. Stress less or workout more
Your body has natural defenses against stress, and you need to flush it out of your body as if it were a toxin or it will become physically visible.
8. Finally cut back on acidic fruits like oranges
Apples have just as much Vitamin C, without all the side effects oranges can bring. Acids from certain fruits have also been found to weaken your bones and muscles. Not to say oranges are bad for you, but as said before, too much of anything is never a good idea.
9. Decrease your sugar intake
Not to say cut sugar out of your diet, but try to cut back on false sugars, like in soda and in candy. Contrary to popular belief, chocolate isnt bad for you, its all the added sugars that harm your skin. Natural sugars, like sugar cane sugar, aggravate the magnesium in your body, making it difficult for your body to keep itself healthy. From your skin all the way down to your blood cells, your body will thank you if you eat MORE fruit and less candy.
10. Dont smoke
Smoking makes your skin look older and contributes to wrinkles. Smoking narrows the tiny blood vessels in the outermost layers of skin, which decreases blood flow. This depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are important to skin health. Smoking also damages collagen and elastin the fibers that give your skin its strength and elasticity. In addition, the repetitive facial expressions you make when smoking such as pursing your lips when inhaling and squinting your eyes to keep out smoke can contribute to wrinkles. If you smoke, the best way to protect your skin is to quit. Ask your doctor for tips or treatments to help you stop smoking.

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