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Educational Foundation

Mother Teresa

The Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, M.C., commonly known as Mother Teresa.
Educational Foundation

Following the lines enshrined in the doctrines of Mother Teresa "Remove the educational poverty among the student community?" Our Foundation provides financial assistance to academically proficient but economically poor students to pursue higher studies after completing their high school education as day scholars. Both boys and girls studying in medical, engineering, arts & sciences, paramedical and other courses benefit under this program. These students who have enormous potential, continually prove their worth academically. And this is evidenced by their performance evaluation reports. We hope this would pave way for deserving students to fulfil their academic aspirations, overcoming financial constraints. This program was launched in 2011 to provide educational assistance to those that cannot afford it. In total, we have helped 800+ students during two academic years. The foundation takes care of their entire school fee, hostel fees (if any) and school related expenses such as books, stationery etc. This is not restricted to any one school or college. We also would like to take this chance to acknowledge the support of various schools and colleges that helped us provide this service to the needy.

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