rules to play push scooters

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Safe riding checklist

Rules to play Push Scooters

Safe riding checklist

If your child is under 10 years, he needs to cycle with a grown-up, preferably on bike paths.
Children under 12 years are allowed to ride on the footpath. Encourage your child to watch for vehicles coming out of driveways.
Teach your child to walk her bike across pedestrian crossings instead of riding across the street.
Children must show that they can follow road rules and predict what cars will do before being allowed to cycle alone. This takes a long time and a lot of practice.
Show your child that he needs to approach driveways and intersections with caution. Riding onto the road from a driveway is particularly risky as parked vehicles can hide a bicycle rider from oncoming drivers.
Teach your child that riding in wet weather needs different skills and extra caution.
Teach your child to wear enclosed footwear when riding, rather than thongs or bare feet. Your child might hurt bare feet if they get caught in the spokes or chain, or if theyre used as brakes.
Your child shouldnt ride at night. To ride at night, you need special equipment lights, visibility vests, acute traffic awareness and understanding of driver behaviour.
Discourage stunt riding. Look no hands and dinking are unsafe.

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Safe riding checklist
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