precautions while using microwaves

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Dont use plastic wrappings

Precautions while using Microwaves

Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths ranging from as long as one mete
Dont use plastic wrappings

Only utensils designed for the purpose should be used in a microwave oven. Dont use plastic wrappings from purchased refrigerated foods in a microwave oven since they may melt. microwave leakage could still occur around damaged, dirty or modified microwave ovens. It is therefore important that the oven is maintained in good condition. Users should check that the door closes properly and that the safety interlock devices, fitted to the door to prevent microwaves from being generated while it is open, work correctly. The door seals should be kept clean and there should be no visible signs of damage to the seals or the outer casing of the oven. If any faults are found or parts of the oven are damaged, it should not be used until it has been repaired by an appropriately qualified service engineer.

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