healthy neck

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Healthy Neck

Take a swim
Use a water pillow
Consider melatonin sleeping aids
Focus on magnesium intake
Learn more about acupuncture
Get a remedial massage
Relax via holistic treatments
Avoid situations that trigger neck pain
Strategically place ice on certain areas of the body
Center your monitor
Check your lighting
Get your eyes checked
Do not sleep on your stomach
Do not read or watch television lying down
Take a 3 minute break every 30 minutes
Customize your chair
Place any devices you use frequently such as your mouse and keyboard within easy reach
Reposition your monitor
Alternate your hands
Get a headset for your phone
Use a forearm rest
Dock your notebook
Use a sit stand workstation
Forward Flexion
Backward Extension
Rotation to Right
Lateral Flexion to Right
Lateral Flexion to Left
Take It Easy
Apply Cold/Heat
Move It
Get Out of Your Slump
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