tips to get ready for summer

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Preemptively Fight the Frizz

Tips to get ready for Summer

Summer is the warmest of the four temperate seasons, falling between spring and autumn.
Preemptively Fight the Frizz

Want to be a wash-and-go girl this summer? Fugate suggests getting an in-salon keratin smoothing treatment now to keep frizz at bay as the summer hits. Giving your hair a little bit of time to grow out post-treatment will ensure that it keeps just enough of its natural texture and wave to look effortless and perfectly beachy later.

Upgrade Your Cleanser
Start working on your body
Ditch the Salt
Score a Better Smelling Tanner
Strike a Neutral Pose
Get into some classes for the summer
Numb Your Senses
Study Up on Waxing Studios
Start Hydrating Hair Heavily
Deep Condition at Home
Rent a beach house
Keep it simple
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