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Lateral Flexion to Right

Healthy Neck

Lateral Flexion to Right

With your shoulders facing forward, allow your head to fall toward your right shoulder so that your right ear approaches the top of your right shoulder. Once you feel a stretch or pull along the left side of your neck or when your neck wont allow any further lateral flexion, hold this position for as long as is comfortable, up to 30 seconds. Be sure that your left and right shoulders remain level; for some people, theres a natural tendency to bring the right or left shoulders up while doing this stretch.

Apply Cold/Heat
Customize your chair
Use a water pillow
Get a headset for your phone
Backward Extension
Reposition your monitor
Avoid situations that trigger neck pain
Do not sleep on your stomach
Use a forearm rest
Get a remedial massage
Lateral Flexion to Right
Lateral Flexion to Left
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