benefits of radicchio

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Radicchio can help the bones stay strong

Benefits of Radicchio

Radicchio can help the bones stay strong

One cup of radicchio contains 128 percent of the needed vitamin K. Adequate vitamin K consumption acts as a modifier of bone matrix proteins, improves calcium absorption, preventing bone loss and osteoporosis. IT used to be that when a restaurant wanted to add bulk and a little class to an abysmal, slammedtogether salad, it sliced in some red cabbage. Well, highpriced greens are now getting the same treatment, as they are joined on the plate at fancy restaurants by the expensive, waxy, purplered leaves of radicchio.

Radicchio can help fight against malaria
Nutritional Content of Radicchio
Body metabolism
Helps counter the hypertension effects
Radicchio is lactucopicrin
Excellent sources
Metabolism and cellular processes
Radicchio can help promote better eye health
Safety profile
Battling Free Radicals
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