benefits of radicchio

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Antioxidant and energy Boost

Benefits of Radicchio

Antioxidant and energy Boost

Radicchio is packed with antioxidants and high energy. The dark, red radicchio for instant, fares well in the antioxidant score at 3537 per every 100grams. Shaped like a small cabbage, its mainly used in salads, and its bitter flavour contrasts well with milder leaves such as rocket. The leaves themselves are tender but the heads are sturdy enough to be cut and grilled.

Preparation and serving methods
How to Choose Radicchio
Excellent source of phenolic flavonoid
Excellent source of phenolic flavonoid antioxidants
Radicchio can help the bones stay strong
Battling Free Radicals
Quercetin and hesperidin
Antioxidant and energy Boost
Radicchio may improve brain health
Radicchio is lactucopicrin
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