common workout mistakes made by men

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Relying too heavily on supplements

Common Workout Mistakes Made by Men

Relying too heavily on supplements

Protein pills and powders are popular but they arent necessarily the fastest path to weight loss. Powders have their place, but if youre trying to get lean I like to see people eating as much solid food as possible. Not only are whole foods more nutrient dense, but they fill you up better, which is so important in a hypocaloric environment, says Tony. Hollywood stuntman Bobby Holland Hanton agrees. One of his diet tips for men is to eat real food instead of supplements or powders.

Listening to the wrong advice
Doing too much too soon
Too much steady state cardio
Relying too heavily on supplements
Skipping the functional assessment
Neglecting nutrition
Relying on cardio
Emphasizing quantity over quality
Not doing compound exercises
Lifting too much weight
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