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Death of Kabir Das

Kabir Das

Kabir was a mystic poet and saint of India, whose writings have greatly influenced the Bhakti moveme
Death of Kabir Das

Kabir Das, a Sufi poet of 15th century, it is believed that he had chosen his own place of death, Magahar, which is located about 240 km away from Lucknow. He has chosen this place to die in order to remove the fairy tale (myth) from the people mind. Those days, it was considered that the one who takes his last breathes and die in the region of Magahar, would never get place in heaven as well as take birth of donkey in the next life.Kabir Das died in Magahar instead of Kashi just because of breaking the myths and superstitions of people. According to Hindu calendar in Vikram Samvat 1575, he left the world in the Maghar in the month of Januanry in the year 1518 at Magh Shukl Ekadashi. It is also believed that the one who die in Kashi, go to the heaven directly thats why Hindu people go to the Kashi during their last time and wait for death in order to attain the salvation. Kabir Das died out of the Kashi to demolish the myth. His one of the famous saying related to this is jo kabira Kashi mue to rame kaun nihora means if there is a simple way to go to heaven just by dying in Kashi then what is the necessity of worshipping God.

The teachings of the Kabir Das are universal and equal to all as he never differentiate among Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and others of different religions. There is a mazar and samadhi of the Kabir Das in the Magahar. After his death his followers of Hindu and Muslim religion fight for the funeral of his body. But when they remove out the sheet from the dead body they only found some flowers taking which they completed the funeral according to their own customs and traditions.There is cave few meters away from the Samadhi indicates his meditation place before death. There is running trust named Kabir Shodh Sansthan which works as a research foundation in order to promote the research on Kabir Das works. There are running educational institutions as well which includes the teachings of Kabir Das.

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