kabir das

Meeting his Guru

Kabir Das

Kabir was a mystic poet and saint of India, whose writings have greatly influenced the Bhakti moveme
Meeting his Guru

Kabir always wanted to become a disciple of Ramanand. However, since he was a Muslim, it was next to impossible for him to get initiation from a Hindu. So, he took recourse to a trick. Ramanand daily went to the bathing ghat for his pre dawn ritual ablutions. Kabir lay on the steps of the ghat in such a way that Ramanand stepped on him. Shocked at this incident, he chanted Rama! Rama!. Kabir said that since he had received teachings from him, in the form of the words Rama! Rama!, he was Ramanands disciple. Impressed with the intelligence of Kabir, Ramanand took him as his disciple.

God of Kabir Das
Meeting his Guru
Kabir Matha
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Guru Kabir ke Dohe
A Mystic Poet
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