benefits of peas

Antiaging strong immune system and high energy

Benefits of Peas

Antiaging strong immune system and high energy

This comes from the high levels of antioxidants, including: 1flavinoids: catechin and epicatechin. 2carotenoid: alphacarotene and betacarotene. 3phenolic acids: ferulic and caffeic acid. 4polyphenols: coumestrol. Pea tendrils are also edible. They are delicate, tender top shoots of young pea plants, having flavor akin to peas. The tendrils and leafyshoots are favored in cooking as well in salads.

Good for EyeSight
Antioxidant and AntiInflammatory Benefits
Prevent constipation
InDepth Nutritional Profile
Soothes Burns
The Healthiest Way of Cooking
Prevents signs of ageing
Healthy for the environment
Protection Against Stomach Cancer
Vitamin Content
Vitamin K
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