rules to play squash

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How to Record the Score

Rules to play Squash

How to Record the Score

The procedure for marking a game
The Marker calls the Score.
The Score Sheet is divided into two sides, one side for each player.
Each side has an L and R marked in a box, which stands for Left and Right Service Box.
As the Server serves from the Right Box, the Scorers pencil points to Box R. The pencil stays in the box until the point is won or lost. The Servers score is always called first, eg 53 Smith serving or 3.5 Brown if Brown had won the point and was to serve.
The pencil would point to the appropriate service box.
Note There are two ways of scoring
1. Traditional Method The Server can only score points, and the first to 9 points wins.
2. PARS (Point a Rally) The winner of the rally wins the point, first to 11 points wins.

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How to Record the Score
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