rules to play squash

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Rules to play Squash


There are dozens of racquets out there. Gone are the days of wooden and aluminium graphite. Almost any racquet made today is some composite of graphite and titanium. Therefore racquets are much lighter than ever before. With lighter racquets you get more control and its easier to work on the swing mechanics.Buy a racquet with an oversize head of 490 cm2 or greater head size. This will give you a larger sweet spot ( sweet spot is the center of the racquet head where maximum power and control is generated ) so that shots that are hit off center will still have power to them, though not much control. Smaller head racquets are more suitable for advanced players who are looking for control over power. Any racquet less than 180g would be suitable. Avoid a racquet that is too light (<130g) as it will have little power and make you use your wrist too much. Buy one that is durable and well balanced (not head heavy or head light) since you are likely to bang it against the floor and wall often. As you improve you will be able to control your swing on tight shots.

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