benefits of sapodilla fruits

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How to Buy Sapodilla

Benefits of Sapodilla fruits

How to Buy Sapodilla

Sapodillas are easily available in the market, all year round. Harvesting is generally done by gently plucking each fruit out. A matured fruit appears brown and will easily separate from the stem without the leaking of latex. Check if the skin is green beneath the surface by scratching a portion of the fruit. Always buy fresh sapodilla where the skin is smooth and intact skin and free from cuts, cracks, bruises or wrinkles. Ripened fruits need to be preserved carefully during storage.

Cold and Cough
Health Benefits of Sapodilla
Vitamins such as A and C
Sapodilla Fruit
High Vitamin B Content
Slightly aromatic
Scrumptious food
Stopping blood loss
Very rich in the antioxidant
Good source of minerals like potassium
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