ways technology makes you stupid

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Tech is screwing up your sleep

Ways Technology Makes You Stupid

Tech is screwing up your sleep

Studies have shown that blueenriched light, which is emitted by gadgets like smartphones, tablets and laptops, can suppress the bodys release of melatonin at night. Melatonin is a key hormone that helps regulate your internal clock, telling your body when it is nighttime and when to feel sleepy. Blue light can disrupt that process, making it impossible for you to stick to a proper sleep schedule. Losing sleep has a number of negative effects on your brain. If youre not logging seven or more hours of sleep each night, you might suffer from increasingly bad moods, decreased focus at work and problems with memory, not to mention a loss of actual brain tissue all of which makes you less than a joy to be around.

And youre much more forgetful than you used to be
You cant find your way around without GPS
Tech is screwing up your sleep
You cant concentrate on what youre reading
so youre relying on the Internet to remember things for you
Youre easily distracted
You have the brain of a drug addict
You cant remember much
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