rules to play canoeing

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Rules to play Canoeing


The timekeepers shall be situated at the officials table. The duties of the timekeepers shall be to
Record the exact periods of playing time, timeouts and the intervals between the periods;
Control the periods of timeouts and to signal the period by raising a red flag, except that a referee shall signal the end of a timeout;
Record the sendoff times of players ordered from the playing area in accordance with the rules, together with the reentry times of such players or their substitutes;
Control the periods of exclusion of players and to signal the end of the period of exclusion by a visual electronic device or by raising and waving a green flag; A timekeeper shall signal by any means provided it is distinctive, acoustically efficient and readily understood, the end of each period independently of the referees and their signal shall take immediate effect except in the case of the simultaneous award by a referee of a goal penalty shot, in which event the goal penalty shot shall be taken in accordance with the rules.

Helmet and Face Guard
Scoring a goal
Shot clock
Playing area
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Extra time shootouts
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