rules to play canoeing

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Spray deck

Rules to play Canoeing

Spray deck

A spraydeck (or sprayco is a flexible cover for a boat, in particular for a kayak or a canoe. It is used in whitewater, inclement weather or sport to prevent water from entering the boat while allowing one or more passengers to sit in the boat and propel the boat by paddling or rowing.A spraydeck is a sheet made out of watertight cloth (for example, rubberized or impregnated cloth) sized to fit over the opening, or cockpit, of the canoe or kayak.A spraydeck has an opening for each passenger. Each opening likewise is encircled by a line or elastic string running in a hollow seam on the edge of the hole. This makes it possible to tighten the spraydeck around the body of the passenger.

Playing area boundaries and markers
Playing area
The ball
Extra time shootouts
Number of players
Referees ball
Starting the game
Game officials
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