tips to succeed in study

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Study in increments

Tips to succeed in Study

How to succeed in your studies. Tips and strategies to help you succeed in your studies.
Study in increments

Cramming the night before a test isnt just stressful; its ineffective. Our brains arent meant to absorb and retain information [that we] reviewed at the last minute, Dietzel said. Thats because repetition is key to learning, and last minute stress can lead to anxiety that blocks our ability to readily understand and recall information. Instead, Dietzel suggests starting a week ahead and studying in 15 to 20 minute increments.

Trust yourself and your memory
Attend workshops at Plexus
Give yourself time to adjust
Apply memory techniques
Set your study goals
Take effective notes
Build up social networks
Maintain your studies
Make use of mnemonics
Get Creative with online study tools
Always remember
Use study groups effectively
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