tips to succeed in study

Get Creative with online study tools

Tips to succeed in Study

How to succeed in your studies. Tips and strategies to help you succeed in your studies.
Get Creative with online study tools

Dont feel obliged to just sit in front of a book with a highlighter; there are many different ways to study. You should pick whatever works for you. Try using as many study tools and techniques as possible to help you study better and find what works best for you. Perfect examples of such study tools would be online flashcards, mind maps, mnemonics, online study planners, video and audio resources. Login to your ExamTime account now to access your free online study tools; mind maps, flashcards, study quizzes and practice exam answers and bring your study notes with you wherever you are.

Do not procrastinate
Stay physically active
Plan when youre going to study
Adjust your expectations
Manage your time
Always remember
Use all your intelligences
Practice constant rehearsal of the matter
Change your study environment
Give yourself time to adjust
Study at the same time
Study smart before exams
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