days of christmas health and fitness

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Days Of Christmas Health And Fitness

Days Of Christmas Health And Fitness
21. Health Magazine Subscription Gift Giving
Stay abreast on health all year round with the gift of a healthy magazine subscription for yourself or for family and friends.
22. Watch Your Teeth
With all the sugary foods available at Christmas, teeth come in for a bit of a beating. Sticky Christmas cake and pies are especially damaging. Eating a small piece of cheese after anything sweet is an effective way to return the mouth to its natural acid balance, which helps to reduce the chance of developing tooth decay. Never use your teeth to open bottles.
23. Indulge In Health Conscious Christmas Food Favorites
The good news is that traditional Christmas centerpieces like duck, chicken, goose, and turkey are rich in both protein and the fat?soluble vitamins essential for neuron function and muscle repair. Healthy cooking tips include pricking the skin of your chosen bird to maximize fat drainage refrigerating gravy to harden and remove fat (worth 56 calories per cup) and cut down the bread in turkey dressing by using more vegetables.
24. T was The Night Before Christmas
If you are up with the mice on Christmas Eve, you already know how easy it is to become sleep deprived over the holidays. Sleep deprivation can lead to moodiness, and behavior changes. Keep your sleep schedule normal by continuing exercising regularly, not overdoing the alcohol, and unplugging from electrical devices, including cell phones, before bedtime.
25. Christmas Day
Enjoy the day. Don t beat yourself up too much if you have overindulged a little. A New Year is a new start. Treat it as such.
26. Active presents
The best way to stick to the 12 days of Christmas health and fitness guide is to play with those gifts that make everyone active. If someone has been given a scooter, a bike, some skates or some fitness games like tennis on the Wii, get them out and have a play as a family. You can also hold a tournament using the gifts to keep people entertained.
27. Short bursts
So, you ve got your in laws coming round for dinner and you re going out with work friends for a Christmas drink before taking your nephew to a pantmoime. Time is often precious and in short supply at Christmas, but on busy days like this break down your exercise into small, 10 minute sections. 10 minutes when you get up, 10 minutes at lunch and 10 minutes when you get home in the evening. Studies have found that short sessions like these are still effective.
28. Enter a sporting event
Runs, triathlons, swims and cycling events have become ever more popular and you can see why they act as a great motivation tool and can really help you to stay focused. Booking yourself a place in a sporting event will help you stay healthy and fit during Christmas and you won t let your fitness regime slide. There are lots of sporting events that can be done during the Christmas period too, such as Boxing Day runs and swims.
29. Standard measures
Tonight you re throwing a special Christmas party at home. Whilst in many ways this is great news for your health (greasy takeaways are not going to be as much of an option at home), it might mean that you get a little heavy handed with your drinks measures. Alcohol is one of the easiest ways to over indulge this Christmas, so to avoid ruining your health commitments use standard measures.
30. High intensity
Zero time means that you should swap longer workouts for high intensity sessions. Circuit training, interval training or slow sessions with weights are all great ways to get the most out of a shorter workout. Skipping, the plank and other exercises using your bodyweight are also effective, high intensity workouts. To make your sessions festive make a Christmas playlist full of your favourite tunes just make sure if you re in the gym you don t get lost in the moment and start to sing

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