tips to get ready for vacation

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Pack at least one outfit in your carry on

Tips to get ready for Vacation

Vacation definition, a period of suspension of work, study, or other activity.
Pack at least one outfit in your carry on

Again, this is one where I have learned from experience. While on a mission trip to Boca Chica, Colombia, a member of the team got her bag lost while we were transporting things (not her fault at all, it just happened in the shuffle while our large group was traveling). Good thing she has a positive attitude because she did not get her bag for at least three days. And in a hot, humid environment with no extra clothes, I am sure she was uncomfortable. Do not let this happen to you and make sure to pack at least one outfit to get you through an extra day or two if your bag gets lost.

Take naps
Plan things from a guidebook
Know what to expect
Value unscheduled time
Decide when to drive
Getting Ready to Go Home After Your Vacation
Put paper clips and duct tape on your packing list
Be flexible
Planning for the Unexpected on Your Hawaiian Vacation
Establish Travel Central
Print Your Boarding Passes
Where to Stay on Your Hawaiian Vacation
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