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Junk Drawer Physics

Xmas Toys

A Xmas toy is an item that can be used for play.there are many xmas toy for children.
Junk Drawer Physics

Jump into scientific fun with the power of . Junk? Yes. You know, all those weird odds and ends you didnt know what to do with so you threw them in a drawer and hoped theyd kind of just disappear? Well, now you can use them. FOR SCIENCE. Old CDs, strange bits of string, nuts and bolts that dont seem to fit anything in the house you can build these things into new things that do amazing things you never thought possible. Make a pinhole camera out of nothing but wax paper, a rubber band, and a paper cup. Build a periscope with a cardboard tube, scissors, and two small mirrors, or a super speed motor using only a screw, a magnet, some wire, and a battery. Even create your own straw trombone with you know straws. Fifty crazy experiments and creations teach kids and adults all kinds of cool concepts like force, motion, energy, sound, waves, light, electricity, magnetism, fluids, and pressure. I mean honestly. Who knew you could learn so much from your junk drawer? Get up and teach yourself a lesson in science with the Junk Drawer Physics book.

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