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Sands Alive Starter Set

Xmas Toys

A Xmas toy is an item that can be used for play.there are many xmas toy for children.
Sands Alive Starter Set

It looks like sand. It feels like. thats a tough one. Sands Alive is similar to cookie dough, except its completely dry. Its fluffy like a cloud, except you can hold it in your hand. Its kind of like molding dough, except it loosens up and flows right through your fingers. This sand is really alive. At least. Thats how it feels. Moving by itself, gliding through your fingers, continually rearranging itself You wont believe your senses. Pack it hard and squeeze it into shapes Amazingly, it holds strong no matter how you mold it. Build a snowman, castle, roadway, or anything your imagination can conjure. Sand sculpting tools compile sand and etch details, faces, and names while a roller lets you clear pathways and make streets. Youll see quickly Its not just fun to feel, its fun to build too. And whats more amazing is this stuff NEVER dries out. Leave it out all day, all month, all year. Its no problem. Plus, it always sticks only to itself and nothing else, so its incredibly easy to clean up off of any surface Your lap, the table, the floor, even the carpet. Great for engaging kids and adults in school, at work, in therapy sessions, at home, or anywhere else you can imagine, the Sands Alive Starter Set is the perfect introduction to a new revolution in sand molding fun.

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