best gurudwaras in india you must visit

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Gurudwara Shri Narayan Hari Himachal Pradesh

Best Gurudwaras in India You Must Visit

best Gurudwaras which you must visit at least once in your lifetime .
Gurudwara Shri Narayan Hari Himachal Pradesh

Popular as Manikaran Sahib, Gurudwara Shri Narayan Hari is situated in Manikaran, which is about 45kms from Kullu. The Gurudwara is the result of 50 years of consistent labour put by Baba Narayan Hari. According to some accounts, Baba Narayan came to Manikaran and started building a Gurudwara, where he constructed a small wooden structure. Several time this Gurudwara had to face local peoples anger, who demolished it each time he started to rebuild it. However, Sant Narayan Hari didnt lose hope and within 50 years constructed a bigger Gurudwara. Today, Manikaran Sahib is one of the most revered Sikh places of worship in India.

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