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Alstom AGV France

Top High Speed Bullet Trains

High Speed Bullet Trains.
Alstom AGV France

Automotrice Grande Vitesse is an advanced very high speed train designed and developed by Alstom. It is claimed to be the most economical and ecofriendly railcar in the world. It was showcased at the InnoTrans 2008 exhibition held in Berlin, Germany. The maximum operating speed of the AGV is 360kmph.The AGV is scheduled to enter service with the Italian Rail Network on the Napoli to Milan rail lines on 28 April 2012. It is built in different sizes including sevencar, eight car, ten car, 11 car and 14 car configurations.Alstom designed the worlds first double deck high speed train in the early 1990s to transport an ever growing number of passengers at very high speeds.As part of its ongoing strategy to provide passengers and rail operators with optimal solutions for their transport needs, Alstom has launched the Euroduplex, a new generation of very high speed double deck trains.The aGV is designed for the worlds expanding market in very high speed rail. it allows you to carry out daily operations at 360 km/h in total safety, while providing passengers with a broad new range of onboard amenities.The single deck aGV, along with the double deck tGV duplex, bring operators flexibility and capacity on their national or international itineraries. solidly dependable, the aGV delivers life long superior performance (15% lower energy consumption over competition) while assuring lower train ownership costs from initial investment through operating and maintenance. the aGV combines the well established design philosophy of the tGV and 30 years of technological expertise in very high speed rail with ground breaking innovation. over 560 alstom Very high speed trains currently operate at speeds above 300 km/h thats over 60% of all Vhsts worldwid.The AGV is the very first VHST to be designed from the outset as an internationally interoperable train that meets the needs of all involved operators, passengers (including those with reduced mobility), train drivers, train fleet maintainers and railway infrastructure managers.
Articulated architecture for improved safety and comfort,Distributed power to increase onboard capacity by 20% in comparison with trains with concentrated power, tested under the extreme conditions of the rail speed record,Commercial speed of up to 360km/h,Design combining pure lines and fluid forms.Train lengths are modular (from 1 to 3 train sets) and so is the interior layout,The life cycle cost and electric consumption are 15% lower than competitors,Up to 98% of the AGVs components are recyclable,Circulation inside the AGV is the most generous on the market (while respecting European UIC / STI standards) for optimum interior comfort.

The AGV is the most energy efficient railcar designed adhering to the Technical Specifications for Interoperability standards. It is the worlds first train design to combine articulated carriage architecture with a distributed traction system and synchronous permanent magnet motors. It is built with aluminium alloys to reduce the overall weight by 700kg compared to using steel.The train has a conical front bay to render clear visibility to the driver. Two signalling cabinets are present in the drivers cabin to incorporate all the signalling equipment.The interior design is flexible to provide operators with customised options for interior shapes and colours. Seats, luggage racks and partition walls can be added or detached during the operational life of the train. Each car shares a bogie with a neighbouring car, forming a semi rigid link between the cars.The AGV boasts an electrodynamic braking system (EBS), kinetic energy absorption unit (KEAU) and electrically aided active suspension for providing a smooth travel experience.The EBS comprises energy recovery and rheostatic braking mechanism, which retrieves the electrical energy generated when brakes are applied. The mechanism recovers eight megawatts of electricity and feeds it to the grid network,thus generating energy for reuse.The KEAU protects the driver and passengers in the front most car during collisions. It can absorb 4.5MJ of shock.

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