swimming tips for beginners

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use fins

Swimming Tips for Beginners

use fins

We recommend you invest in some swimming flippers (called fins in swimming). These are smaller and more flexible than scuba diving flippers. If you are buying fins, we recommend you get something mid length and floppy, like these Finis Floating Fins.Many of the fundamentals of freestyle swimming can be learnt more effectively with a little bit of extra propulsion from wearing fins. Use the fins to perform some of the drills and techniques we outlined in tip 4.Wear the fins for specific exercises, not all the time. Warm up at the beginning of a session and warm down at the end of a session without them.Some people believe that using fins in your swim training is cheating, we dont. Used in the right way for the right things they are a powerful tool to help you learn to swim.

develop a feel for the water
get help from a swimming buddy
break things down into manageable chunks
Purchase Fins
use fins
Practice Pulling Straight Back
Keep Your Goggles On
Practice Sighting
blow bubbles
Purchase a Swimmers Snorkel
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