swimming tips for beginners

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Practice Sighting

Swimming Tips for Beginners

Practice Sighting

In order to increase your ability to sight in an open water race or triathlon,practice sightingin the pool. On every fourth lap, throw in a few sightings while swimming across the pool. Look up two to three times and try to keep a streamlined position by not dropping your hips and legs. Attempt to look up in one smooth motion within your arm cycle. If you want feedback on technique, ask your coach or lane mates to check out your sighting technique and give you some constructive criticism. Its important to continually improve this part of your swimming technique. If you sight once every 25 yards in a full Ironman triathlon, that is 169 sightings during the swim.

use fins
blow bubbles
develop a feel for the water
get help from a swimming buddy
Practice Sighting
break things down into manageable chunks
Purchase a Swimmers Snorkel
Keep Your Goggles On
Practice Pulling Straight Back
Purchase Fins
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