superfoods to boost your brainpower naturally

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Pink Salmon

Superfoods To Boost Your Brainpower Naturally

Superfoods To Boost Your Brainpower Naturally
Pink Salmon

Pink Salmon is a fatty fish high in omega3 fatty acids or more specifically high in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) content. The American Heart Association recommends a daily supplement of 1000mg of DHA + EPA for people who have heart disease and consumption of fatty fish like salmon at least twice a week for healthy people. Although, omega3 (DHA) has been proven to benefit the heart, recent researches have shown that DHA may also benefit people who are prone to Alzheimers disease, i.e. DHA can prevent the onset of Alzheimers. Unfortunately, DHA does not seem to benefit people who already have Alzheimers. Largescale studies are required to establish the exact role of fish in memory and other brain functions.

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