best flirting tips

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Make her feel like the only one

Best Flirting Tips

Flirtings a language and just like with any other language, no ones born a fluent flirt.
Make her feel like the only one

The way the man is holding his lady love from behind in this image must surely mean the world for the woman, if her bright and toothy grin is anything to go by. So if you are looking to take the relationship forward with your crush, make sure you too make your girl feel special even if it is at the cost of ignoring everyone and everything else in the room. Compliment her openly, do small things for her, pay attention to her every detail appearancewise and rest assured that you girl will be left feeling that she was made only for you.

Wear red
Make fun of people who are different
Make her feel happy
Have original jokes
Picture text him a movie poster
Leave him wanting more
Become cold and distant
Channel your cool girl crush like Bella Thorne
Keep gum or Tic Tacs in your purse
Paint your nails
Wear dangly earrings
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