best flirting tips

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The Power of Eye Contact

Best Flirting Tips

Flirtings a language and just like with any other language, no ones born a fluent flirt.
The Power of Eye Contact

Indeed, the power of eye contact cannot be underestimated. This mode of flirting is otherwise also called as an eye smile. The eye smile involves giving a provocative look to the intended person. However, it is much more than just a routine smile since the eye smile also lays stress on the fact that you communicate your intentions nonverbally. This method is very much apt and helps convey your feelings in a manner that even a thousand introductory phrases fail to do. Hence, it is a very safe bet. Yet, prior to trying this technique, it is better if you engage in a practice session first because an overintense gaze can do more damage than a stupid conversation starter.

Make dates spontaneously
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Remember every detail
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Give her a single rose
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Make him nervous
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