rules to play bungee jumping

Take a Chance

Rules to play Bungee Jumping

Take a Chance

You only live once. Whether you translate this into carpe diem or use it to justify mortal caution, however, is up to you. Whiplash and damage to eyesight are the most common injuries that this extreme sport hands out, while cranial trauma is possibly the worst and, by coincidence, one of the most difficult to clean up. But disasters are rare, and the vast majority of those who decide to leap walk away unharmed thanks to the exceedingly tight safety regulations observed around the globe.

Still, you have to decide whether to take the risk. If its something that worries you so much that youre unlikely to enjoy it, either revisit my previous point or dont put yourself through it at all. There will be someone on hand to give you a shove if you falter, but ultimately it is a choice you have to make and stand by yourself.

Service of process
Jump From A Safe Place
Professional Support
Listen Up
The Jump And Landing
The highest jump
The word bungee
Cord Length
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