rules to play bungee jumping

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Rules to play Bungee Jumping


While the equipment involved in bungee jumping is quite basic, the importance of its proper use and working condition cannot be overstated.
Ankle harnesses securing the bungee to the body
Many people add a body harness as used in rock climbing to increase security
Tie Off
A sturdy and stable structure from which to anchor the bungee cord, i.e. steel railings of a bridge or safety fence
Specific weight bearing knots
Some services particularly those using a continuous location place an airbag, webbing, or similar safety sling at the bottom of the jump space, to provide a safety space in the unlikely event of a fall.

Professional Support
Take a Chance
The highest jump
The word bungee
Listen Up
Dont Look Down
Criminal penalty for violation
Bungee jumping
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