rules to play fox hunting

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Red fox

Rules to play Fox Hunting

Red fox

The red fox Vulpes vulpes is the normal prey animal of a fox hunt in the U.S. and Europe. A small omnivorous predator,the fox lives in underground burrows called earths,and is predominantly active around twilight making it a crepuscular animal. Adult foxes tend to range around an area of between 5 and 15 square kilometres 2 6 square miles in good terrain, although in poor terrain, their range can be as much as 20 square kilometres 7.7 sq mi.The red fox can run at up to 48 km/h 30 mph.The fox is also variously known as a Tod old English word for fox,Reynard the name of an anthropomorphic character in European literature from the twelfth century,or Charlie named for the Whig politician Charles James Fox. American red foxes tend to be larger than European forms, but according to foxhunters accounts, they have lesser cunning, vigour and endurance in the chase compared to the European foxes.

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