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Simple Tie Knot

Know Tie Knots

Now try these various tie knots in just a few minutes with easy to follow steps.
Simple Tie Knot

Also known as the four-in-hand tie, this knot is fairly easy to tie. It works well for most types of tie and with nearly all types of collared shirt. It generally suits men of medium or tall height. For tying this knot, turn up the collar of your shirt, button the top button, then put the tie around your neck.

Bow Tie Knot
Christensen Tie Knot
One Tip Up Fold
Atlantic Tie Knot
Balthus Tie Knot
Unique and Sophisticated Fold
Onassis Tie Knot
Double Tie Knot
Pratt Knot
Ediety Tie Knot
Classic Pocket Fold
The Casual Fold
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