benefits of pomelos

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Immune System

Benefits of Pomelos

Immune System

Although a single serving is less than an entire fruit, considering how large they are, it isn t a terrible idea to eat the entire fruit, considering that each fruit contains approximately 600% of your dailyvitamin C requirement. This major source of ascorbic acid has been used for generations in Southeast Asia as a quick immune system booster. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant substance to increase white blood cell activity and attack free radicals that can damage the organ systems of the body. It helps to fight off infections that lead to colds, coughs, fevers, and more serious symptoms or microbial, viral, and bacterial infections.

History of Pomelo
Ways to Eat Pomelo
Potential Side Effects of Pomelos
How to Buy Pomelo
Cancer Fighter
Prevent UTI
Types of Pomelo
Promotes fast healing of wounds
Aids in weight loss
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