benefits of potatoes

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Lifting of Dead Skin Cells

Benefits of Potatoes

Lifting of Dead Skin Cells

Potatoes can also remove dead skin cells on the face. You can apply grated peeled potatoes on your face for 10 minutes. Once done, rinse with clean water. Doing this regularly will rejuvenate your skin. Potatoes have been cultivated for thousands of years, and we thought traditional crops were pretty well understood, said IFR food scientist Dr Fred Mellon, but this surprise finding shows that even the most familiar of foods might conceal a hoard of healthpromoting chemicals. Another good reason to center your diet around the Worlds Healthiest Foods!

Brain Function
How to store
High Blood Pressure
Cancer Prevention
Removal of Eye Puffiness
Treatment of Wrinkles
Treatment of Dark Spots
Removal of Dark Circles
Potato for Hair loss
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