ranking all nfl teams from least to most valuable

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Arizona Cardinals

Ranking All NFL Teams From Least To Most Valuable

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals made positive headlines earlier this year when the club hired Jen Welter to be the first female NFL coach in history. Welter worked with the team s inside linebackers during preseason practices and games. High expectations are hovering over the Cardinals at the start of the 2015 NFL regular season, as veteran quarterback Carson Palmer is fully recovered from a serious knee injury that he suffered during the 2014 campaign. Do whatever possible to keep Palmer healthy, Arizona, and the playoffs could be in your future. Veteran wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, one of the overall good guys in the NFL, deserves one last chance at a championship.Current Value: $1.54 Billion

San Diego Chargers
Baltimore Ravens
St Louis Rams
Oakland Raiders
Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers
Detroit Lions
Denver Broncos
New Orleans Saints
Cleveland Browns
New York Giants
Houston Texans
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