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Narendra Modi

Narendra Damodardas Modi is the 15th and current Prime Minister of India. Modi.

The Modi government came under bitter criticism following the 2002 Gujarat riots that betrayed the prevailing communal harmony within the state. Investigations were ordered into alleged abatement of crime. Modis image suffered a quake as a common consensus was established that pointed fingers at the chief minister for allowing communal violence in the state. Some demanded his prosecution for promoting enmity among different communities during the riots. His way of functioning has also been the topic of much debate in the political arena with commentators and subject-matter experts lambasting him for carrying the DNA of fascist leadership. His critics call him a self-centered autocrat who doesnt care a hoot about the BJP. The Gujarat chief minister finds himself in the bad books of analysts as he is also accused of twisting facts to suit political motives on more than one occasion.In June 2013, when Narendra Modis was appointed as the chairman of the national campaign committee, L K Advani submitted his resignation escalating his objection against Modis appointment. But, the BJP leadership remained rigid on its choice to put Modi in front of 2014 campaign.

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