rules to play fox hunting

Cub hunting

Rules to play Fox Hunting

Cub hunting

During cub hunting season in September and October, there is no distinction in attire between members who have been awarded colors and those who have not or, for that matter, between the field, masters, and staff. There is also very little difference regarding the attire of gentlemen and lady members.
Hacking jackets are worn by both ladies and gentlemen, preferably wool tweed or a linen material and in an earth tone color such as shades of brown or green. Subtle plaids, checks, herringbones and houndstooth patterns are correct. Jackets should have three buttons, all of which are kept buttoned during the hunt. The jacket should be tailored specifically for riding with a single vent; a conventional sports coat is not an acceptable substitute. The weight of the jacket cloth depends on ones locale. Shirts and blouses should be a pastel color and muted striping or subtle patterns are allowed. Both men and women may simply wear a dress shirt and tie, either bow tie or long tie. Ladies may wear ratcatcher collars, either plain or with a stock tie. If a stock tie is worn, it should be colored and/or patterned but not a plain white or ecru formal stock. Gentlemen may also choose to wear a hunting shirt and stock tie. The ends of a stock tie should be secured to the shirt with safety pins to hold the tie in place. Gentlemen wear a 3 plain gold colored stock pin, ladies a 2 1/2 gold colored stock pin. Modern dress In some hunts turtlenecks may be permissible and stock pins with embellishments are seen.
Breeches may be beige, buff, rust, or canary. White breeches and dark colors, such as forest green or navy blue, are not correct. Modern dress A darker beige and a khaki colored breech is allowed.

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