precautions while using facebook

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Add only the people you know

Precautions while using Facebook

Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
Add only the people you know

It is extremely difficult to verify a users identity on the net, it is best to connect with people known to you. You can grow your circle gradually by connecting to friends friends, colleagues etc. Do not add unknown people to your contacts, they could be stalkers.

Ummm sorry Grandma Think before you type
Create a Facebook Security Question
Be careful not to provide too much information
Be sure to keep your house clean
Be sure to watch what you place on your Wall
Do not place your personal information on your Facebook profile
Keep Your Grudges Private
Do not leave your computer on with your Facebook account open
Do not share pics
Beware of those applications
Dont post information that makes you vulnerable to a physical attack
Consider restricting access to your profile
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