precautions while using facebook

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Who would want my photo

Precautions while using Facebook

Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
Who would want my photo

One precaution to take to help prevent others from taking your photo is to distort your photos a little bit. You can do this by adding a little fuzz or smearing the photo a little. You dont want your photos to be used by anyone you do not know.

Dont post your address online
Avoid Excessive Complaining
Be sure to keep your house clean
Do not place your personal information on your Facebook profile
Reconsider hiring interns to do your social media
Never use the same passwords
Understand Facebooks security settings and use them
Spend time checking your spelling and grammar
Turn on Facebook Secure Browsing
Keep changing your password often
Keep personal info personal
Whos your buddy
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Precautions while using Facebook
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