precautions while using facebook

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Choose Your Photos Wisely

Precautions while using Facebook

Facebook is an online social networking service headquartered in Menlo Park, California.
Choose Your Photos Wisely

When uploading photos to your business Facebook profile, make sure the pictures are relevant to your business. Sharing photos of tipsy employees, random things that capture your interest, employees pets or completely irrelevant social outings gives off the impression that the people at your workplace are more concerned with partying than doing their jobs. Even photos of office outings and workplace birthdays should be shared rarely and never outnumber relevant photos of your office building and employees.

Reconsider hiring interns to do your social media
Be careful not to provide too much information
Turn on Login Notifications
Trust your instincts
Use your privacy settings
Be sure to keep your house clean
Create a Facebook Security Question
Ummm sorry Grandma Think before you type
Malicious eyes
Dont post your address online
Beware of those applications
Keep personal info personal
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