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Snooker Foul Rules

Snooker for Beginners

Snooker Foul Rules

If a hit is a foul then the other player gets penalty points:

  • 4 points if the white ball is potted.

  • 7 points if the red ball is potted instead of colored.

  • 7 points if the white hits the wrong ball first then the value of this ball
  • .
  • If the wrong ball is potted first then the value of this ball.

  • When a hit results in more fouls then the opposing player gets the points of foul with the highest value.
    Penalty points have a minimal value of 4.

    Steps 2 Score
    what is Snooker
    Steps 4 fails
    Steps 5 Continue in that manner as long as there are still red balls on the table
    Steps 1 Obtain the proper equipment
    Opening break rules
    Rules of play in Snooker
    How to Play Snooker
    Steps 7 The snooker game ends when there are no longer balls on the table
    Steps 3 Toss a coin to decide who is to play first
    The Game
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