precautions while using touch screen mobile

Touch screen is very delicate

Precautions while using Touch Screen Mobile

Touch Screen Mobiles have revolutionalized usage of mobiles for cool applications and games.
Touch screen is very delicate

As already mentioned a number of times before, the touch screen is very delicate and it is equally important how you carry them. If you have a largertouch screen phoneyou should avoid placing it in your front or back pant / jeans pocket, trust me I have been doing that and part of my phonestouch screen has become non responsive. You can use aphone pouchthat can be attached to your belt or simply place it in the front pocket. When buying a pouch for your handset, make sure the phone slides in comfortably and there is enough room. Also make sure that there are no objects pressing theLCD touch areacontinuously.

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Touch screen is very delicate
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