fitness tips

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Ditch excuses

Fitness Tips

101 best fitness tips that will help you reach your health, weight loss and wellness goals.
Ditch excuses

I have heard them all from lack of time to lack of motivation and everything in between. Excuses won t lead to results. Excuses leave you stuck. For every problem there s a solution. If time is your challenge, put exercise on your schedule like any other appointment. If it s motivation you lack, just start.

Schedule exercise like an appointment
Get an accountability partner for exercise and weight loss support
Use consistency to compound your results
Indulge once a week
Equip yourself with healthy products to support your healthy lifestyle
Dont overdo it on cocktails
Realize exercise and your diet are married
Think two pounds at a time
Ramp it up slowly
Display your results
Aspire to eat clean
Drink more water
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