benefits of cloves

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The clove tree

Benefits of Cloves

The clove tree

The clove tree, Syzygium aromaticum, is a broad leafed evergreen that can reach a height of about 35 feet. It has smooth shiny leaves that are dotted with glands that emit the tree s aromatic fragrance. Even more fragrant are the tiny yellow flowers that appear in loose clusters at the ends of the branches. Those flowers are seldom allowed to bloom. When the pink buds turn fiery red at the base, they are plucked and sun dried to a deep reddish brown. These dried buds are the delicious smelling cloves known to pharmacists and chefs world wide.

The essential oil
Nutritional Profile
Flavoring Agent
Powerful germicidal properties
Immune system
Aphrodisiac properties
Cancer Prevention
Insect Repellent
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