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Lesson No 7

Mahabharata Management

Lesson No 7

The best man for the job is not the one with brilliance but one who is persistent and loyal

Pandavas'army had loyalists like Yudhishthira who left behind personal integrity to tell a half truth that Drona's son had died which left Drona devastated. Krishna, Pandavas'mentor almost took up arms to enter the battlefield much against the oath he had taken prior to the battle. Such was the loyalty of the Pandava generals which led them to victory.

Kauravas had such disloyal generals as Drona who abandoned his weapons and left the battlefield as soon as he heard of his son's death. He cared less about Kauravas'victory. Karna didn't kill Yudhishthira and Bheema even when he got a chance as he was only gunning for Arjuna's head. He also gave away his kundalas and protective body suit or kavach just to keep his word.

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