celebration of dhanteras

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History of Dhanteras

Celebration of Dhanteras

Here are some interesting facts about Dhanteras. Rangolis, diyas.
History of Dhanteras

There is an interesting story behind celebrating the Dhanteras festival. It is considered as, once upon a time, King Hima sixteen year old son was destined to pass away just by the snake bite on the fourth day of his marriage. His wife was very clever and she did not allow her husband to sleep on 4th day of the marriage. She arranges some gold ornaments as well as a lot of silver coins and made a large heap at the doorway of her husband. She also made light with the help of numerous lamps all around the place of his husband.When the God of death (Yama) came to his husband in the appearance of a snake, his eyes got sightless by the dazzling light of the lamps, silver coins and gold ornaments. So the lord Yama could not get entered into his chamber. Then he tried to ascend on top of the heap and started to listen the harmonious songs of his wife. Early in the morning he had gone away without taking her husband. Therefore the very young and newly married wife had saved her husband life from the death. That is why, the Dhanteras is also known as the Yamadeepdaan. Diyas or candles are kept blazing during the whole night in respect to the God Yama.Another myth is, a long ago Gods and demons stirred the ocean to get Amrita or nectar, after many days the Lord Vishnu had came out on the day of Dhanteras having a jar of the elixir.

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History of Dhanteras
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