benefits of fenugreek seeds and leaves

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Restrictions in fenugreek usage

Benefits of Fenugreek Seeds and Leaves

Restrictions in fenugreek usage

You can extract all the benefits when fenugreek is used in moderation. By virtue of its bitter and peculiar taste it not very easy to consume in large quantities. Fenugreeks have similar allergic reaction as that of peanuts because it is in the same group of peanuts. Feeling of nausea is one of the most common reactions with fenugreek. When you use it on skin, first test it for skin irritations or rashes. Pregnant women are discouraged from its usage because of its potential nature of premature labour inducing effect.

Control diabetes
Adverse Reactions
Remedy for fever and sore throat
Good source of roughage
Fenugreek Leaves Benefits
How and Where to Buy Fenugreek
Reduce blemishes
Restrictions in fenugreek usage
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