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The next step is to get some sort of weekly routine sorted

Exam Tips

tips for the day of your exam to boost your exam performance.
The next step is to get some sort of weekly routine sorted

This means sitting down with your teen and deciding not telling them when theyre going to do their homework each day, and how much study its reasonable for them to be doing.
In my view, homework is a critical part of academic success. It keeps the brain engaged throughout the year and not just when exams are approaching. It forces teens to go over what theyve learnt at school that day, which is crucial for consolidating information.
How much study your teen should be doing really depends on them and at what stage of the year theyre at. I was always good about doing homework at school, but honestly, I didnt start studying until the second half of each term.

Now the REALLY IMPORTANT part is that your teen sticks to this timetable
So what is the simple solution to procrastination
If its important write it down
Want to stop procrastinating
3 Simple Tips For Improving Your Teens Memory
And it doesnt just work for English either
Straight A students know that effective exam study requires tactics
Send me your stuff
How To Study For And Sit Exams
I procrastinate all the time and my grades are fine Let s dig deeper into this
Everyone is different
This stuff can be a pain to study because you just have toknow it
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