benefits of tamarillo fruits

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Tamarillo for healthy heart

Benefits of Tamarillo fruits

Tamarillo for healthy heart

Potassium is nutrient present in ample quantity in tree tomato which helps control heart rate and blood pressure. It balances out harmful effects of sodium on heart. It offers magnesium and other minerals which are required for proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. High dietary fiber in tamarillo helps inhibit absorption of bad cholesterols in body. With its antioxidant activity it protects heart from oxidative stress and reduces risk of heart stroke and other cardiac disorder.

Side effects of tamarillo
Tamarillo fruit features
Its Gastronomical Uses and Storing
Nutritional content
Taste of Tamarillo
Tamarillo is a shrub or small size tree
Acidic flavor
Very good source of electrolyte
Tree tomato good for eyes
Checking for Ripeness in Tamarillo
Nutritional benefits
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