tips to succeed in online learning

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Be proactive

Tips to succeed in online Learning

Online learning can sound so wonderful that some students start with an unrealistic vision.
Be proactive

If you have questions or dont understand an assignment, contact your instructor. Your instructor wont know if you dont understand something unless you tell him or her. Dont wait until after youve turned in an assignment to let the instructor know that you have struggled. If you email or call the instructor before an assignment, quiz, or exam, youll prevent the struggle, and avoid having your grade suffer.

Fill out the surveys
Speak up if you are having problems
Pitfalls to Be Aware of in Online Learning
Advantages of Online Learning
Confirm technical requirements
Stay motivated
Do not presume
The question can online students
Be sure you have the required software and hardware
Plan weekly study times
Playoff your strengths
Participate wholeheartedly
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