tips to succeed in online learning

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Tips to succeed in online Learning

Online learning can sound so wonderful that some students start with an unrealistic vision.
The question can online students

To be self directed, or is self direction innate? Most educators would agree there is an element of both at play. Intrinsic motivation is needed for learners of any age in any situation, though for the most part self direction competencies can be learned, that is specific behaviours can be practiced and implemented. In this post I write for two sets of readers, first for online students. Ive included a five step strategy that includes a set of behaviours real students have identified as crucial to their success in completing online college courses for credit. For educators, Ive included a set of suggestions, actions that support students in becoming self directed learners, one of which involves giving the responsibility to the learner, a critical component in the instructor learner relationship.

Advantages of Online Learning
Connect with instructors early
Have a consistent workspace
The question can online students
Create a dedicated place for your studies
Ask questions
Apply what you learn
Plan weekly study times
Participate Participate Participate
Be comfortable communicating through text
Make connections with fellow students
Log on to your course every day
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