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How to Battle Studys Greatest Enemy Procrastination

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How to Battle Studys Greatest Enemy Procrastination

We would like to thank Lojain Al Ahmary for writing this article. Lojain is an eleventh grade High School student from Dhahran High School, Saudi Arabia. It s fantastic to be able to share a student s contribution on procrastination. It is high school students, after all, who understand better than anyone the reasons why so many of their peers procrastinate.

How to Battle Studys Greatest Enemy Procrastination
This stuff can be a pain to study because you just have toknow it
How can you help
An Effective Exam Study Technique Your Teen Will Love
Is your teen struggling to study effectively
The result
Why do we procrastinate
How this technique can turn Cs into As
What To Do If Your Teen Hates School More Than Anything
To sum up
Is your teen mixing it up
How to look forward to the challenge
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