rules to play weightlifting

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Rules to play Weightlifting


The rules used in Olympic Weightlifting competition are the standard international rules set out by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) and approved by the Olympic administration.
There are many rules to follow in Olympic Weightlifting, but most of the are not important to you, the viewer at home. Ive listed below the main rules that you will find helpful to know when watching the Olympics. For the athlete interested in competitive weightlifting, Ive included useful links where more specific information can be found. However, just as I recommend for competitive bodybuilding, the hiring of a coach for being successful at competition is invaluable; even more in this sport where expert execution of the lift is a must.

Timing Clock
Bumper Plates
Competition Iron Plates
Gloves and palm guards
Record Display
Womens Olympic
The Lifts
Weightlifting Equipment
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