benefits of basil

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Growing Sweet Basil

Benefits of Basil

Growing Sweet Basil

Basil is a little more finicky than other plants in your herb garden, like thyme and mint. It prefers warm weather, so you wont want to plant it until after the last frost of the season. The plan also does well both in the ground or in pots.There are several varieties. While some can grow to be as tall as 6 feet, most gardeners find their sweet basil to rest under 3 feet if that. If you want to ensure a smaller basil plant, simply keep it in a pot, which will restrict root growth.Sweet basil can be started from seed (you don?t need to buy a small plant from the garden center).

Ear Infections
Childrens Ailments
Selection and storage
Traditional Use
Rejuvenate Hair Follicles
Basil herb nutrition facts
Basil prevents some cancers
Basil promotes heart health
Anti Bacterial Properties
History and Spiritual Significance
Kidney Stone
Basil plant
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