the worlds worst supercars of all time

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MERCEDES BENZ SLR MCLAREN Years produced 2003 to 2010

The worlds Worst Supercars of All Time

MERCEDES BENZ SLR MCLAREN Years produced 2003 to 2010

What happens when the inventor of the automobile teams up with one of the most successful Formula 1 teams of all time to create a supercar? A heaping pile of disagreement, compromise, and drama.The SLR McLaren overshot its weight targets by a mile, was far too large to be enjoyed on twisty country roads, and even its own designer hated the F1 inspired nose grafted onto its simplistic body. (And the less said about the appalling Stirling Moss derivative, the better.) We once called this car a classic in the making, and we were kind of right, as it s safe to say that these two companies will never again collaborate on a vehicle.Fortunately, each company went on to launch a pretty bitchin supercar on its own, namely, the laser precise McLaren MP4 12C and the burly Mercedes Benz SLS AMG.

MOSLER CONSULIER GTP Years produced 1985 to 1993
FERRARI 612 SCAGLIETTI Years produced 2004 to 2011
JAGUAR XJ220 Years produced 1992 to 1994
LAMBORGHINI EGOISTA Year produced 2013
VECTOR W2 Year produced 1980
The Worst Supercars
GUMPERT APOLLO Years produced 2005 to 2013
AUDI SPORT QUATTRO Years produced 1983 to 1984
MERCEDES BENZ SLR MCLAREN Years produced 2003 to 2010
QVALE MANGUSTA Years produced 2000 to 2002
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