the worlds worst supercars of all time

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LAMBORGHINI EGOISTA Year produced 2013

The worlds Worst Supercars of All Time

LAMBORGHINI EGOISTA Year produced 2013

Okay, so only one of these exists, but this rolling acid trip deserves a place on this list. The Egoista was among the gifts Lamborghini presented to itself earlier this year in celebration of its 50th anniversary, a pet project of VW Group chief designer Walter de Silva, who often discusses his preference for semplicit? in design. So, yeah, this one came as quite a bit of a shock. The Egoista s amber colored canopy brings to mind the Technicolor Hot Wheels cars we used to play with, its nose is designed to emulate a Formula 1 racer s (even though Lamborghini hasnt participated in the series for some time) and the kindest description we ve heard for the Egoista s haphazard lines and myriad air vents is chaotic. We prefer to think of it as a mixture of apeshit and batshit on wheels.

QVALE MANGUSTA Years produced 2000 to 2002
MOSLER CONSULIER GTP Years produced 1985 to 1993
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LAMBORGHINI EGOISTA Year produced 2013
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