rules to play water skiing

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Towing Slalom Skiers

Rules to play Water Skiing

Towing Slalom Skiers

The better a slalom skier is, the more they will appreciate (or demand) top driving skills. For free skiing, the driver needs to pay attention to water conditions look for calm water. When you find a patch of calm water stay in it! Drive up and down it with keyhole turns at either end so that you preserve good water for the skier.If the skier falls, throttle back to idle immediately, then backtrack to the skier. Executing a high speed turn back to the skier is not only dangerous, but also puts wakes back through the calm water youve found.If a slalom skier is leaning over in a turn then turning the boat will either pull them onto the water (boat turns away from skier) or give them a lot of slack rope (boat turns toward skier) either way its bad. Hence you need to signal to your skier when you are about to change direction. If they are busy skiing and dont notice, and you have to change direction, do it gently and while they are crossing the wake.When a slalom skier signals for more or less speed, change by 3 km h (2 mph) up or down, respectively.

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