rules to play water skiing

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Towing Biskits

Rules to play Water Skiing

Towing Biskits

Biskit riders have no control whatsoever over their ride, other than jumping off the back! So it is all up to the driver. Lighter riders may stay inside the wake throughout the ride but heavier riders will move easily outside the wake. Once this occurs, their speed must increase as you turn, in order to keep up with the boat. The faster you go, and the tighter you turn, the further outside the boats path they will move, which means they are subject to hazards you, the driver, and the boat, are not.Many nasty biskit accidents have occurred when the biskit has been outside the wake in or after a turn, and the biskit has hit an object such as the shore.

Pre ski
Skier Signals
Your Equipment
The Boat Operator
Towing Slalom Skiers
Water Ski Safety
Skier in the Hole
Driver Signals
Where to Ski
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