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Green Tea

Tea Types

Tea Varieties of the World.
Green Tea

Green tea makes up approximately ten percent of the world?s tea. The production process, like that of white tea, starts with withering, followed by pan-frying or steaming to prevent fermentation. Before drying, green tea leaves are rolled to give them the desired shape. In China, this consists of eyebrow-shaped or twisted pieces, tight balls, flat needles, or curled whole leaves. Green tea is greenish-yellow in color, with a grassy, astringent quality reminiscent of the fresh leaves. Scientific studies have shown that both green and black teas prevent cavities and gum disease, and increase the body?s antioxidant activity.

Tea Tonics
Flavored Tea
White Tea
Traditional Indian Tea
Oolong Tea
Mate Teas
Iced Tea
Green Tea
Rooibos and Honeybush
Black Tea
Blooming Teas
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